Brass Sensor parts

Brass Housing for Temperature Sensor Switch:
Special Features : As par customers specification.
Size/Length: Any as par customer’s requirements.
Threads Of Brass Housing : ISO Metric (MM Thread)
Any as par customer’s requirements.
Applications of Brass Housing : Automobile Industries.
Auto Electrical Industries.
Oil Pressure Switch.
Temperature Pressure switch.
Auto Reveres Light Switch etc.
Material : Free Cutting Brass IS-319 Type-(1) or BS-249 Type-(1) or High Grade.
Any Special Brass Compositions as par customer’s requirements.
Finish and Coating : Natural, Tin Platting, Nickel Platting, or.
Any other Platting and Coating as par customer’s requirements.
Any Kind of Brass Housing Sensor Parts can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications..


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